Maps of Washington

Map of Washington Counties

Map of Washington county boundaries and county seats

Maps of Washington are generally an important element of genealogy and family history research, notably in case you live far from where your ancestor resided. Since Washington political borders often changed, historic maps are significant in helping you find out the exact specific location of your ancestor’s home town, what land they owned, just who his or her neighbors happen to be, and a lot more.

Maps of Washington state generally have a tendency to be an excellent source for getting started with your own research, given that they provide substantially valuable information and facts quickly. Washington Maps is usually a major resource of considerable amounts of details on family history.

Washington borders Idaho, Oregon and Canada. Washington’s 10  largest cities are Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellevue, Everett, Kent, Yakima, Renton and Spokane Valley. Learn more about Historical Facts of Washington Counties.

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Interactive Map of Washington County Formation History

(Washington maps made with the use AniMap Plus 3.0 & with the Permission of the Goldbug Company)

Old Antique Atlases & Maps of Washington

These are scanned from the original copies so you can see Washington state and Washington counties as our ancestors saw them over a hundred years ago. Some Washington maps years (not all) have cities, railroads, P.O. locations, township outlines and other features useful to the avid genealogist in Washington.

Disclaimer: All Washington maps are free to use for your own genealogical purposes and may not be reproduced for resale or distribution.Source: David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

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